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Fashion Headline Ltd. Privacy Policy

Fashion Headline, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) values the privacy of users of our homepage (hereinafter the “Users”), Fashion Headline (hereinafter the “Website), and is committed to protecting the personal information we gather when Users register with our Website to the fullest extent of our ability.  In accordance with this foregoing policy, we abide with the following regarding the protection of personal information.

  1. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” shall mean all information regarding any living person that would allow the identification of the person as a particular individual, such as the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other information (including such information that can easily be collated with other information, thereby enabling the identification of a particular individual), as stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Law.
  2. In dealing with Personal Information, the Company agrees to comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations, and shall have all of its officers and employees comply with the same.
  3. The Company will only gather Personal Information through legal and fair measures, and shall not gather the same by the use of unfair methods against the Users’ will. The Company will only use the Personal Information for the purposes listed below, and shall not use the same for any other purposes. 
    1. For the provision of the Website
    2. For the introduction of the Company’s products and services to Users
    3. To ask Users for their comments and opinions regarding the Company (including comments and opinions on products and services)
    4. For the creation and analysis of statistical material categorized upon specific classes to which the Users belong (age group, address, etc.)
  4. The Company will not disclose the Users’ Personal Information to any third party except in the cases described below. In the event that the Company discloses Personal Information to a third party, the Company will ensure that such third party shall only use such information for purposes approved by the Company, and will ensure that such third party is subject to confidentiality obligations by having them enter into confidentiality agreements, etc. 
    1. When disclosing information to contractors as necessary in the provision of services relating to this Website to Users
    2. When disclosing information as necessary to protect the lives, bodies or properties of the Company, Users or a third party
    3. When required by laws or regulations
    4. When obtaining individual consent from Users authorizing disclosure
  5. The Company shall endeavour to keep the Users’ Personal Information, etc. correct and up to date, to the extent necessary in fulfilling the purposes of its use.
  6. The Company shall manage the Personal Information provided by Users adequately, and shall endeavour to strengthen security measures. However, in the event where losses are incurred by any User or any third party as a result of wrongful conduct by a third party, without the Company’s fault, the Company shall not be responsible for such losses.
  7. The Company uses cookies on the Website as a tool to distinguish Users. The Company identifies a specific User by using cookies that are sent to a User’s computer and saved on the hard drive. When Users access the Website, cookies may be sent to their computers. The use of cookies enables the Company to provide specific Users with customised service when subsequently accessing the Website.
    * Users may reject cookies from the Website by modifying their computer settings. Please be aware, however, that when disabling cookies, there is a possibility that Users may no longer be able to access the Company’s services provided on the Website.
  8. If Users wish the disclosure, correction or deletion of their Personal Information, please contact the Company at the contact address below. The Company will respond adequately in accordance with laws and regulations (Please note that in some cases, there may be some restrictions or costs that need to be borne by the User).
  9. The Company may make amendments to this Privacy Policy in order to further achieve adequate protection of Personal Information, or in accordance with any creation of or amendments to the laws and regulations, government orders and other regulatory rules. The amended Privacy Policy shall become effective when it is posted on the Website.

Please refer to this page for enquiries regarding disclosure, correction or deletion of Personal Information.

Created December 3, 2012