Anrealage marks its 10th anniversary as a fashion brand and the theme for its collection this year is “Bone”. The collection featured pieces that were bare to the minimum.

The first look was a one piece dress with the framework of a pannier drawn on it, draped around a model in ebony black. Under the black lighting, the framework shone in white and appeared to be like a skeleton on the runway.

After the dark, neon color frameworks appear on the runaway. Layered styles of dresses, coats, and jackets which at first glance appear to be patterns or knits continue, but they are in fact composed of only the structural lines without the surface fabric. Shoes, bags and other accessories are designed in a similar fashion. The toggles and buttons on coats, the studs on the riders’ jackets present themselves as meatless.

The designs which leave only the structural lines of the dresses are made of laser cut polyester. The material is UV processed and illuminates under black lighting. The designer Morinaga says, “I formed my designs off structure rather than patterns. Actual clothes do not have a framework, so I used a 3D modeling software to create the imaginary frameworks”. Since only minimum material was used, the challenge was to keep the frameworks in form, as a small miscalculation in form caused the framework to collapse. “I wanted to open as many holes as possible in my clothes and create the simplest designs. Everything has a framework. I get my inspirations from what I see”.