JNBY, a Chinese brand founded in the city of Hangzhou, presented its 2013 Spring Summer Collection. The brand designed by Lin Li participated in the Tokyo Collection for the first time. The themes for the latest season are “Jungle”, “Africa”, and “Elegant Sport”. Colors and materials were selected in line with the brand concept “Contemporary”.

The first half of the show began with calm colors such as white and beige. Gradually designs in blue and red make their appearances and transform to earth colors to form an image of an African ground. The show closes with sharp designs in black.

Drapes and beautiful shiny materials used as tucks and gathers were structured three-dimensionally, introducing a contemporary silhouette. Foil prints were used on silk and other natural materials to create a futuristic image.

This brand has over two hundred franchise stores in China and around six hundred concept stores. JNBY entered the Japanese market seven years ago through the distributor Matsuo International Corporation. It also has stores in Russia, U.S.A., and South Korea. It was chosen as one of the six brands under the category of global company by Forbes China.