Sazaby League, Ltd (Headquarters located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will be launching a new brand and its store, ELFORBR Shinjuku Flags will open on Thursday, March 7th 2013.

ELFORBR’s products are mainly women’s apparel and their general goods and other fashion goods are purchased from both domestic and foreign vendors/ suppliers. The prices of cut and sewns will range between 1,500 – 8,500 yen, dresses and jackets from 8,000 – 19,000 yen. Their sales target is to reach 5 billion yen soon after their debut, and opening up 30 new stores inside station buildings and department stores within 5 years.

The brand’s concept is “Trad meets Trend”. The brand aims to design traditional wear that female adults can relax and enjoy, effortlessly. ELFORBR is short for “ENGLAND FOR BROOKLYN” and the brand is inspired by the image of Londoners who have been raised in a traditional lifestyle of England who are now working and living in Brooklyn, New York.

The shop’s interior will resemble the cafes and galleries of Brooklyn, with a “cultural space” feel where people can casually walk in as though they are stopping by at their neighborhood café. Providing tea service to customers while they shop is being considered.

Regarding the first store opening in Shinjuku, Sazaby League, Ltd comments, “With the developments taking place surrounding its train station, Shinjuku is evolving into a “fashion city”. This can be seen through the collaboration of fashion and electronics as well as the hosting of street fashion shows. The coexistence of both traditional and modern diversity in Shinjuku attracts various cultures and overlaps with the worldview of Brooklyn, a city that draws many fashionistas”.

The Brooklyn photo shoot consisted of a Japanese female creator and key visual model Lindsay, who resides in New York and works for “STANLEY & SONS”, a bag and apron company that often appears in NY featured articles of Japanese fashion magazines.