Limited Valentine Collection from Shiseido Parlour is in stores from Jan. 15th to Feb. 14th. Purchases can be made at Shiseido Parlour of Japan or on the online shop. Only a limited number is available and once all sold, the event will become closed.

“Cheesecake (Chocolat)” (2 for 714 yen / 4 for 1,365 yen) is a new recipe derived from the standard and popular “Cheesecake”. “Chocolat Fruit” (3 for 1,050 yen / 6 for 1,890 yen) contains chocolate covered fruits; “Mochizuki” using white peaches from Yamagata prefecture, “La France” using pears from Yamagata prefecture and “Fuji” using apples from Aomori and Yamagata prefecture. “Le Chocolat” (7 for 1,260 yen / 14 for 2,310 yen) are designed chocolate pieces with fruit cream inside.

“Crepe Chocolat” (5 for 525 yen / 10 for 1,050 yen), chocolate covered cookies in the form of a crepe, “La Ganache (Sweet & Strawberry / Sweet & Café)” (8 for 735 yen); a total of 6 types of Valentine sweets will be on sale. Each item is packaged in a gorgeous package with delicate drawings on it.