A joint press conference was held on Jan. 15th 2013 by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO, TOKYO RUNWAY and ART FAIR TOKYO at the Park Hotel Tokyo of Shiodome. It was announced that the three events hosted by the above groups will be held at the same time period this March.

“To introduce Japanese creations with the focus on Tokyo to other countries more strongly this year” is the reason behind JFW Organization’s motive.

“Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2013/2014AW” will be held from this Mar. 17th to 23rd. Roughly 40 brands from Tokyo will participate and present their latest collections. On the final day of the fashion week, an all-night fashion event “VERSUS TOKYO” is planned which will include events such as a late night fashion show.

ART FAIR TOKYO 2013, one of the biggest art events of Japan will be held from this Mar. 22nd to 24th. A collaborative partnership agreement has been signed with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO since last year and following last year’s SOMARTA, writtenafterwards will participate in ART FAIR TOKYO 2013 under the category “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO”. To expand the art field beyond fine arts, other fields such as fashion, crafts and vintage photos will be on display experimentally in the newly created section “Tokyo Limited”.

“I have always been interested in art and wanted art and fashion to come together to create something new. I will not be participating in this season’s Tokyo Collection so my contribution will probably come from my pieces from last October’s collection. Even if I use some of the same materials, if the representation is different, I believe that new creations and values can be born. It is true that fashion=apparel and that it must be suited for mass production but I want to play a different role in fashion” says designer Yoshikazu Yamagata of writtenafterwards. After the press conference, installation art by this brand and some designs from its 2013 SS collection were displayed. The works will continue to be on display at the Atrium of the Park Hotel Tokyo until Mar. 24th.

Executive Director of ART FAIR TOKYO Takahiro Kaneshima says, “Collaborating with a different field such as fashion will hopefully start new discussions on future creations. Affluent Asian people are not only interested in fine art but also in fashion. For those who visit from Asia, we would like them to enjoy the fusion of fashion and art. We are considering holding an event which fuses fashion with modern art”.

Popular fashion models such as Yuri Ebihara, Moe Oshikiri and Natsuki Kato will participate in Asia’s biggest real clothes event, TOKYO RUNWAY 2013 SS to be held on Mar. 20th 2013. Fashion brand mastermind JAPAN who recently announced that it would be taking a break will be participating again this year and the show will be one of its last.

The producer of TOKYO RUNWAY Shinji Hirato comments, “We got girls that love fashion to attend the brand collections but I also want them to see art next to fashion. If we create a TOKYO RUNWAY Girls Gallery, it will be interesting to see the reaction of our audience. To present art beyond Japan and to other Asian countries is also a significant reason behind the cooperation among the 3 organizations”.