At Narita Airport Terminal 1, character shops “Control Bear Pop-up Store” and “COSPA Akihabara” will open for a limited time from Feb. 5th.

Design T-shirt store graniph designed “Control Bear” is a cute bear character who holds its own detached head. This black humored character was created with a message to clients saying, “control your own mind and do not be swayed by others”. This character is receiving attention from Paris and other countries as an art piece. At the pop-up store, stuffed toys, figures, bags, T-shirts and others will be lined up.

“COSPA Akihabara” sells popular character items such as Hatsune Miku, ONE PIECE, Evangelion and GUNDAM. In addition to collection items, costumes, apparel, and lifestyle items are also available. Narita airport only limited editions will be in store as well.

【Store Information】
Control Bear Pop-up Store / COSPA Akihabara Narita Satellite Station
Location: 4F Event Space Main Central Building Narita Airport Terminal 1
Dates: Feb. 5th to Jun. 3rd 2013
Business Hours: 8 am to 8 pm