Following Valentine’s, French chocolatier “JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN” offers passionately designed White Day Collection until March 14th, 2013 available at JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN Shops and online boutiques to warm hearts and taste of cherished people.

This season JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN selects “Jouer avec le feu” for the theme. In addition to limited four types of bonbon chocolat, coeur (heart shape) chocolat, animal shape chocolat, and more unique chocolat joyful to the eye assemble. Of all others, amply playful lip shaped lèvres chocolat represent the elegant and stylish image of HÉVIN and array conscious of mature women.

The limited chic design sure to pulsate intense emotion comes decorated in silver and crystal lip motif package. You are safe, fear not of burns! How about some JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN produced passionate chocolat as a White Day present?

“Boîte Chocolat Nine Pieces Crystal”
Price: 3,885 yen (tax included)

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