“Fukue”, manufacturer of Leather Bags at Izumi-shi, Osaka will launch leather bag brand “middy” from this SS in collaboration with leather-item creator Yuka Ushirokita.

Ushirokita undertakes to design bags while Fukue manufactures and sells them. Until now, Fukue concentrated on only manufacturing, however, due to decline in demand, it planned to start its own brand as a new business. Fukue had launched its original brand “artigiano” and commercialized its products before for a limited time at many department stores.

Further involving in the new business, Fukue attempts to develop the new brand with Ushirokita. Besides her, three other artists are to collaborate with Fukue.

Feminine design forms and bright hues typify middy. There are three types of designs, “line,” “fum,” and “bell.” The most basic style, “fum” uses light horse leather. Bright “bell” attracts people with its pastel sherbet colors. “line”, whose border pattern straps are hand-dyed, is available in three colors (orange, sky blue and gray). The price range for the bags is 15,000 yen to 25,000 yen, and the pouches cost less than 5,000 yen.