The “Salon de SHIMAJI” on the 8th floor of Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building is not just a bar. Next to the bar, a select shop reflecting the aesthetics of Shimaji is available. Part 2 of the interview focuses on items carefully selected by Shimaji.

“I love all the items I selected for the shop. The customers continue to purchase these items, one example being the TRUEFITT & HILL grooming set” says Shimaji.

At the corner of the store which was designed under the concept of a study, Shimaji’s humidor (box for storing cigars), SMYTHSON notebooks, Pelikan pens are arrayed. Also, cosmetics, clothes, bags, accessories, books and whiskey are assembled. Shimaji sometimes brings his customers from the bar to the shop and sells the items himself.

“I use SHISEIDO MEN for cosmetics. What is funny is that the customers that frequent the bar buy the cosmetics here in the select shop and compete against one another to see who has the best skin. My diary is from British stationary brand SMYTHSON. The theme color of the brand is Nile blue and I like this matte pale blue” continues Shimaji.

Since last year, to have fans feel Shimaji’s taste at their own house, Salon de SHIMAJI’s standard item, “Salon de SHIMAJI Set” (retailed at 14,700 yen), for making Spicy Highballs at home, is in store. Talisker 10 years, Tonic soda, pair glass, a pepper mill and a coaster set with 12 different maxims such as “Dokuhebi ha isoganai (venomous snakes do not rush)” are encased in Shimaji’s favorite blue box. “It is a hearty and genuine set”, Shimaji says.

At the bar, customers can speak to Shimaji about the beauty of the authentic items lined-up at the select shop. “How do I find such items? It is easy. Overspend. The more you spend, the more you learn about what is good and what isn’t. You begin to develop a sense for beautiful things and you become a connoisseur with better skills than an antique dealer”, says Shimaji.

The biggest hits at “Salon de SHIMAJI” are books written by Shimaji. A literary magazine, “The Magna Carta” series 2 edited by Shimaji will be published on March 20th, and essay series 3 “Akanotanin no Nanahikari” on March 28th.