At Center Park, on the 3rd floor of Isetan Shinjuku, Miharayasuhiro opened a pop-up store from Feb. 20th, which will be available until the 25th. There, items from the 2013 SS women’s collection are lined-up.

The theme for this season is “Color of Butterfly”. Collaborating with artist Bette Ridgeway, who is well known for her flowing strokes of color paint, the collection expresses the vivid colors of butterflies. The walls of the pop-up store display parts of the installation that were used in the show at Paris Fashion Week. The store is adorned with art visuals and specimens of butterflies.

Ridgeway is a contemporary artist based in the US. She was awarded the Cicciano International Art Award of Italy in 2012, and was invited to the LONDON ART BIENNALE this January.

At the store, items from JUN INOUE 2013 SS Men’s Collection such as knits, shirts, T-shirts, pants, tote bags, clutch bags, scarves and others are also lined-up. The items are unisex and can be worn or used by women as well. JUN INOUE is a painter, whose artworks resemble calligraphy and convey Japanese-style “Ma” (apertures) and flows using abstract lines.