THE HAKONE OPEN- AIR MUSEUM in Kanagawa holds actor and creator Arata Iura photo exhibition “IURA Arata Between the Sun and the Moon” in the main building gallery until March 3rd (Sun.) 2013.

This exhibit is being held commemorating the publication of the 2013 museum calendar photographed by Iura and introduces his activities as an artist. His lifework photographs, the scenery photographs of the museum taken for the calendar, and the photographs of nature, culture, climate and history of Hakone are on display.

Composed of three parts, main building gallery 1st floor, middle 2nd floor, and 2nd floor, the exhibit features colorful works on the 1st floor such as “New Series of Mount Fuji,” the festivals and nature of Hakone, and a vast composition to cover one facet of the floor. On the middle 2nd floor, the world unexpectedly develops into monochrome. Odawara paper lanterns made of Japanese paper decorate the space and produce a “peaceful” effect. On the 2nd floor, with the concept of “a cinema,” the documentary and the slide show of his photos to follow his activities for the exhibition are projected. This exhibit created the first “cinema” for THE HAKONE OPEN- AIR MUSEUM.

Iura received popularity as a fashion model “ARATA” in the 1990s. At present he appears in many motion pictures and TV dramas. While being a fashion designer and photographer, he serves as director for fashion brand “ELNEST CREATIVE ACTIVITY.” He is also known for creating domestic products to protect traditional Japanese handicrafts and photographing nature and traditional culture in Japan as his lifework.

Since 2008, he regularly appeared in the films directed by Koji Wakamatsu, who passed away last October. He changed his name from the stage name ARATA to his real name Arata Iura after his appearance in Wakamatsu’s 2012 film “11.25 The Day He Chose His Own Fate.”