Welcoming Toshikazu Iwaya as its new Creative Director, YUMI KATSURA held an event named, “2013 Yumi Katsura Grand Collection in Tokyo” on Feb. 20th at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena.

Under the theme, “Beautiful Changes,” Korean idol group KARA and Korean actor Lee Seo-jin made appearances in addition to yokozuna Hakuho and children from the disaster area Fukushima in Tohoku as models. Ranging from haute couture to men’s and rental wear, 100 new works were presented using 13 different scenes.

Dresses such as two-way dresses portraying different images or those in bold yuzen dye prints and other new colorful designs appeared to introduce the new YUMI KATSURA. KARA performed three songs live including, “Mister.” They also appeared as models on the runway wearing wedding dresses with long skirts that are detachable to become mini-skirts, expressing elegance and youth in one design. Seo-jin appeared as a model and also handed out chocolates to the children from Fukushima along with Hakuho.

“This time 4 dresses in changeable designs and a dress in yuzen dye were created. The brand being almost half a century old, I wanted to blow a new breeze into the designs and thought of fusing “white,” symbolic to Katsura and “color,” symbolic to Iwaya to perfect the clothes,” comments Yumi Katsura.

Iwaya comments, “I designed the yuzen dress in a style which can be worn in the city or at a party, something that was not too flashy or unique. I encountered Ms. Katsura through a manufacture and sales company, which we both had business with, as I also had a bridal line. I want to create designs by understanding my role at this brand whilst maintaining my own style.”

At the event, a part of the proceeds was handed to the lieutenant governor of Fukushima Prefecture, Masao Uchibori from Yumi Katsura, Lee Seo-jin and Hakuho, and was donated to “Fukushima Donation for Orphans affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.”