WAVE International, which manages casual brand “goa,” launches a new casual brand named “laule'a sunny side store” and opens its first store at EST of Umeda, Osaka on Feb. 20th. The store space is roughly 66 square meters.

The new brand, which introduces surf and casual resort styles for adults lines-up not only clothes but also goods such as candles, aroma oils, skateboards, and surfboards. The brand aims to introduce lifestyles as opposed to just clothing. For the first year, only women’s line will be available but in the medium term, the brand plans to create a men’s line too.

The second store will open at the end of this month at Koshigaya Laketown and the third store will open in March at KYOTO AVANTI. The average store space is set to 99 square meters, making the EST store fairly small. The main target of the brand is women between their 20s and 40s but the core customers are predicted to be between their mid-20s to 40s. The commercial facility EST has female customers in their late teens to early 20s so the new “laule'a sunny side store” at EST lines-up bright colored items and makes a few adjustments to meet the clientele.

Price ranges are reasonable from, 3,900 to 4,900 yen for T-shirts, 6,900 to 7,900 yen for shirts, 8,900 to 12,800 yen for dresses. The quality is high however, using domestic fabrics and sewing for 70% of its apparel. 2 to 3 more stores are planned to open this fall and the brand aims to have multiple stores from the year of its launch.