“Artisan×Designer” on the overseas channel NHK WORLD will introduce the Wajima-Nuri audio speaker “Something to Touch” for the first time on February 26th.

“Something to Touch” was created in collaboration with Shioyasu Urushi Ware Company and designers team Mairu. Shioyasu Urushi Ware Company is a Japanese lacquer ware store, which has a 150-year history, located in Wajima. The designers team Mairu was elected as one of the 24 young designers teams by ELLE DECOR Magazine in Milano Salone in 2009. Under the concept “touch,” the Wajima-Nuri Speaker has beautiful, seamless and dewdrop-like form. It is created using 124 working processes by many artisans of various specialties and the entire process takes over six months. The sounds are to be adjusted with urushi (lacquer.)

As part of a series, the program closely covers one pair of traditional handiwork artisan and technical designer each time to introduce the production of collaborated rarities. The footage airs every four hours from 11:30 am Japan time for a total of six broadcasts. Within Japan, each program for NHK WORLD can be viewed on the official website or on a smartphone by downloading (free of charge) the app.