Designer Akira Minagawa for fashion brand minä perhonen newly designed “little trip” in collaboration with PASS THE BATON. Printed with his hand drawn illustrations “minä perhonen×PASS THE BATON remake tableware” appears in stores from March 1st (Fri.) 2013 at Marunouchi, Omotesando, Hankyu Umeda, and all PASS THE BATON online shops.

Similar to the last series “I just smile towards blooming flowers,” designer Minagawa hand drew illustrations on slightly B class white tableware left out amidst the production process. With Minagawa’s illustrations, the tableware is remade with a unique and cute look.

Minagawa speaks of his sentiments dedicated to this series of tableware, “This ‘little trip series’ presents each piece of the tableware as a landscape. I hope people will enjoy meals and teas like excursions. Every facet of landscape depicts animals and flowers that are living there. This time, I created the landscape different from the previous series using soft and delicate touches.”

One will cherish the humorously designed tableware, which turn casual dinners and afternoon teas into pleasant and exciting moments. Just hold it in your hands.

■ minä perhonen
Designer Akira Minagawa established fashion brand “minä” since 1995 (renamed minä perhonen in 2003). The word “minä” signifies “myself” and “perhonen” “butterflies.” He aspires to create beautiful designs like wings of butterflies. For this, many art museums nationwide and worldwide invite him to exhibit works, which are renowned for the poetic designs and hand-made textiles.

Deep Plate
Price: 2,520 yen

Morning Cup
Price: 1,680 yen

Price: 2,310 yen
※Tableware and design available in three types.