“EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01,” located in Harajuku holds a promotional event for White day during the month of March and will feature Rei, Asuka and Mari, three characters from the manga.

The event is held from Mar. 1st (Fri.) to 31st (Sun.) and the store will be decorated with illustration panels of Rei, Asuka and Mari, illustrations by artist Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and others, limited to female characters only. In addition to the selling of limited edition items, postcards with illustrations of the three characters will be provided as gifts to customers.

During the event, customers who purchase over 1,000 yen (incl. tax) of foods (except for small toys sold with foods) at the store will be given one postcard specially designed for White Day. A customer will only receive one postcard and distribution will stop once the limited postcards are handed out. For those who are keen to have the postcard, it is best to go to the store as soon as possible.

Also, limited collaboration items with semi-order store “EVA CUSTOM,” where one can buy customized Eva goods will be in store. T-shirts, tote bags and iPhone4/4S and iPhone5 cases with prints of Rei, Asuka and Mari are available, each in two colors. T-shirts are priced at 4,935 yen, tote bags at 3,465 yen and iPhone cases at 3,990 yen. All prices are tax inclusive.

The illustrations used for each item were created by animator Hidenori Matsubara to commemorate the store’s 1st anniversary. Matsubara once served as director of the new movie version of EVANGELION. His illustrations of the characters are very popular and the limited items are highly recommended to fans.

“EVANGELION: 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO” released in Nov. 2012 was a big hit with a box-office revenue exceeding 5 billion yen. Some movie theaters are still putting the movie on screens and Blu-ray & DVD versions will be released on Apr. 24th (Wed.) EVANGELION has not lost its luster and is yet in the ascendant.