UNDERCOVER returns to Paris Fashion Week on Feb. 27th. Their show was held within the campus of the University of Paris, aka Sorbonne.

The front row of the audience was packed with famous journalists and buyers from around the world. Japanese actor, Tadanobu Asano was amongst the front row also. His thoughts on the show were, “I have known designer Jun Takahashi for a long time now and have seen many things with him. Having seen one of his shows after a period of absence, I feel that Jun’s conflicts and the new challenges he took on have taken form in a new style in the show. I take this to be a new start for him.”

When asked to provide a message for the designer, Asano’s response was, “The show was brilliant. I also watched the rehearsal so I saw that the hurdles had been overcome at the actual show. I want to applaud Jun directly for not giving up. I admire that about him.”