“FASHION WEEK TOKYO in CHINA -TOKYO MERRY-GO-ROUND-” was held at Mei Long Zhen Isetan Shanghai from Feb. 26th to Mar. 3rd.

At the event space, original items were produced and sold from trendy Tokyo brands that represent today. The project is part of the 2013 Cool Japan Overseas Strategy Project by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. For this particular project Isetan Mitsukoshi cooperated with the Japan Fashion Week Organization.

“e.m.” was assigned as the director of the event and at the stairwell plaza located on the first floor of the department store, a pop-up space under the theme “moving amusement park” was set up. There, items from DRESSCAMP, MIYAO, Suzuki Takayuki, THEATRE PRODUCTS and zucca were lined up. The items were styled by stylist Miki Aizawa and popular fashion blogger TOKYO PANDA.

The opening day was raining and a weekday, however, 350 people attended the event and over 100 people participated in the questionnaire that was handed out. The second day gathered 500 people and over 200 people answered the questionnaire. Cookies baked on the spot and decorated with icing by sweets designer “micarina” were popular. The cookies were awarded by lucky draw to those who answered the questionnaire. Many people asked about where they could purchase items such as the original T-shirts made with newly developed digital print fabric, “MONALISA” manufactured by Komatsu Seiren Co., Ltd., and accessories from “musubi” led by e.m. and creator Musubi Aoki.