The winners of “2012 Digital Contents of the Year / 18th AMD Awards” hosted by the Association of Media in Digital were announced on Feb. 28th.

Daito Manabe of creative unit “Rhizomatiks” won the Rookie Award (Naomi Enami Award.) He handled the Perfume Global Project for techno pop unit Perfume. He was highly acclaimed for connecting the creative activities by consumers within the internet site with commercial projects. This award is given to those who contributed to promoting media business on the premise that the award will become the first step toward his / her career enhancement.

10 contents such as a popular animation film “Okami Kodomono Ame To Yuki”, an air band “Golden Bomber”, which became very popular at niconico site, “Puzzle & Dragons”, which became the best app by word of mouth, won the Awards of Excellence. The winners of the Grand Prix / Award of Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications and the AMD Chairman Award will be chosen from these prize winners on Mar. 19th.