Men’s apparel brand “STRICT-G,” which recreates the world of “Mobile Suit Gundam” exhibits its products for the first time at “C3 in Hong Kong 2013,” where exhibitors introduce original Japanese anime and manga culture..

At this event, “STRICT-G” in collaboration with apparel brand “mastermind JAPAN” offers the most eminent Gundam Plastic Model “PERFECT GRADE ZAKU 2 mastermind JAPAN ver.” (3,000 Hong Kong dollars) in a limited number. Reproduced with super precise mechanic, ultimate plastic model “PERFECT GRADE” comes with a circled logo printed big sized canvas tote bag to encase the package.

Also, limited cut and sewn made from smooth material decorated with the brand logo on the chest “STRICT-G Limited T-shirts with GUNPLA hanger” (500 Hong Kong dollars) available for purchase. Constructible 1/200 scale real Gundam kit is attached to the GUNPLA hanger.

Also, accessory brand “JAM HOMEMADE,” sunglass brand “SWANS,” and military jacket brand “ALPHA INDUSTRIES” collaborated products are available.

Debuted in April 2012, men’s apparel brand STRICT-G is an authentic and symbolic brand of “Cool Japan.” The brand collaborates with numerous brands representative of Japan to attract fashionistas as well as Gundam fans.

【Event Information】
C3 in Hong Kong 2013
Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre 5GF
Dates: From March 15th (Fri.) to 17th (Sun.) 2013
Open Hours: 10 am to 7 pm (Fridays from 2 pm to 8 pm)
Admission fee: 30 Hong Kong dollars