The brand will finish at the end of August this year. What have you prepared for its finale?

I will present my men’s collection at Tokyo Collection on Mar. 17th and present my women’s SS collection at TOKYO RUNWAY on Mar. 20th.

What prompted you to hold the shows?

It is the second time for us to participate in TOKYO RUNWAY. The host approached me with such enthusiasm that I accepted willingly. But, it is a place for girls only. Then what about menswear, what are we going to do with it? After discussing with the director, we decided to have an orthodox men’s show by mastermind and to expose every facet of mastermind. (laugh)

We have been working together with the director from the beginning, such as the unexpected participation in the show in Paris, Tokyo Collection and practically every show. He is a pro, but I think he was frustrated that he had to direct shows by the book. I was overwhelmed by his passion that he genuinely wanted to present the world of mastermind as he liked.

What about collaborations?

I will reveal one, the rest hmm… (laugh). A collaboration with DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA COMME des GARCONS to create a limited COMME des GARCONS model only sold there.

When will the items be lined up?

From Mar. 17th. I collaborated with DOVER STREET MARKET Ginza last year to create T-shirts and jeans for the store opening. This time I wanted to collaborate with COMME des GARCONS. “BLACK COMME des GARCONS” is a brand that Rei Kawakubo wants to continue and having wanted to work with Ms. Kawakubo, I suggested a collaboration with BLACK. I informed Ms. Kawakubo that I would create a brand named “mastermind BLACK” and her response was, “let’s both feature black.” The brand logo and product labels all read, “MASTERMIND BLACK COMME des GARCONS.”

Two brands are linked together by the color black.

It is not a tie-up per se, we wanted to change perceptions.


A full line up of menswear only. For example, the kilt pants in the photo is an original from mastermind but with new design details from BLACK COMME des GARCONS. We also plan to create the pants in a different material.

Any other plans?

With OPAQUE GINZA and a limited pop-up store with MEDICOM TOY. On the 1st floor The Stage of Isetan Shinjuku, a pop-up store in collaboration with magazine “Numero Tokyo” under the concept of convenience store will open on March. 27th... All items are to be created in collaboration mastermind and another brand or person. That is a ton of work. (laugh)

Any concrete ideas?

Plenty of items like Loewe bag, Aquascutum trench coat, Tasaki pearl necklace, amadana headphone, Fire King mug, Bic 4-color ball point pen and others. I’ve never done so many collaborations before. I feel like I’m doing 1-year collaborations in just 6 months.

GUNDAM will be featured again, right? I heard that you are a fan of plastic models.

Yes, but I could only spend 300 yen for a model when I was a kid. (laugh) My favorite one is Zaku and I have one in my office too. Zaku that I made for the first time was 1/12 in size. This time Zaku is a 30-centimeter version! I wish there to be a series no. 3 collaboration.

Will you hold a special event for the finale?

Maybe or maybe not. Please wait and see.

Any chance of your coming back?

I haven’t decided anything yet. What I have to do is do my best for the last season with all my strength. I am working hard with my mind set on this.

To be continued into 4/4.