One of the hottest designers of London, Jonathan William Anderson visits Japan.

Mr. Anderson studied menswear at London College of Fashion and started his own brand “J.W. Anderson” in 2007. The men’s collection debuted in 2008 AW season and the women’s collection in 2011-12 AW. At a young age of 28, he has received a sponsorship from NEWGEN (British fashion project providing support to the best up-and-coming British designers).

In line with the launch of the 2nd collaboration with TOPSHOP, Mr. Anderson visits TOPSHOP Mirraza Shinjuku Store and Isetan Shinjuku, where he sells his collection line. We interviewed him regarding his creations and impression of Japan.

What are the inspiration sources for your creations?

I live in Dalston, an area which is considered most cool in London right now, and I get inspired through daily life there. My designs are created to be shared with both men and women. I love fashion since I was a child, and I aspired to become a fashion designer after watching Alexander McQueen’s show and being swept away.

What are the reasons behind your business’s success?

A lot of hard work! No compromising and achieving the goals set is my motto.

What is your next goal?

To open my own store. I want to express the concept of J.W. Anderson and the brand image more vividly.

What are the characteristics of the collaboration with TOPSHOP?

Each item is designed so that it can be combined with various styles. An item can be paired with something in the wardrobe to become grunge style or retro, and I want customers to enjoy styling.

Which items are your favorites?

A kilt skirt created by an established denim factory in England and a monotone sweater with graphics of a dodo. The now extinct bird with its pleasant appearance is a charm.

What kind of styles do you wear on a daily basis?

I always wear Converse sneakers. I like basic items such as jeans from A.P.C. Because I'm always surrounded by mode, I tend to choose simple items.

What is your impression of Japan?

Japan always has new ideas and concepts, and I've loved Japan since the time I first visited, 4 years ago. I can understand why street photographers and bloggers such as Tommy Ton love coming here. Wonderful designers that have a huge impact on the global fashion industry exist here. I respect Rei Kawakubo. Her modern perspective and beautiful and emotional designs as well as her uncompromising creations are a wonder.

What are your achievements during your visit here?

Just today, I went to DOVER STREET MARKET Ginza, Isetan Shinjuku, a bookstore, a coffee shop, a vintage store and others and did a lot of shopping. I bought a lot of books on fashion and Japanese costumes. As well as ones about Bruce Weber and Frank Lloyd Wright.