Held at hotel “Grand Hyatt Tokyo” in Roppongi, Tokyo Collection began on the 14th (Thurs.) where designer Jun Ashida presented his 2013-14 AW Collection Show “jun ashida.” Guests in attendance included ambassador couples in Japan from various countries.

George Gershwin composed “Rhapsody in Blue” flowed in the venue where silhouettes of three models rose against the light to start the show. The first half combined vivid red, blue, and green color palette with monochrome plus beige. Stoles streamed from shoulders in red×navy bicolor dresses. Double face coats whose hems are adjustable in length with buttons also appeared on stage. For this AW season, the brand suggests skinny pants or knee high boots with skirts.

As the show progressed, the hues subdued then darkened to autumn and winter like tones. Beige transitioned to dark brown. Green intermingled with blue to flourish into peacock green. Graphically printed shirts and dresses glided on stage. Oversize collared coat series continuously attracted attention. Buttoned near the shoulder, the finely detailed coats produce drapes around the neck. Gorgeous fur placed as collars and scarves decorated the neck.

“Rhapsody in Blue” faded out as the theme smoothly connected to the latter half of the show. Velvet and shiny material evoked night style. Cocktail dresses and evening dresses abundantly sewn with lace and beads fit the body in a slender silhouette. Models ornamented with metallic lamé and spangle, oversized jewelry, along with linked long pearl necklaces gorgeously radiate shine. See through materials used in the designs give shape to femininity and elegance. Long dresses switched with embroidered cord lace and velvet, fur wrapped around bottoms of delicate chiffon dresses, and more items arranged with diverse materials add a twist. Profusely embroidered with white spangle at the bust, a black velvet dress showed playfulness.

Models wore shortcut or bobbed hair with the brim of a hat rather lowered. Together with “Rhapsody in Blue” composed in 1924, the show reminds one of modern women in those days whose corsets unfastened and whose liberation began.

Tokyo Collection opened the curtains to a classic look adapted into a modern collection fashioned with high quality materials.