On Mar. 15, the fifth BEST MAGAZINE AWARD winners were selected from the magazines issued from July to December, 2012 and the awarding ceremony was held.

“BRUTUS” (published by MAGAZINE HOUSE, LTD.,) which introduces hot and trendy topics in feature articles, won the Grand Prix. “POPEYE” (MAGAZINE HOUSE), which is a men’s fashion magazine renewed last May has received high acclaim for its refined and urban style, and won the second prize. Present editor in chief for POPEYE, Takahiro Kinoshita is the former co-editor in chief for BRUTUS who was in charge of fashion.

In addition, “MonoMax” (TAKARAJIMASHA, Inc.,) whose supplementary COACH fountain pen was a hot topic, also won the second prize. NHK text books “Hyappun de Meicho” (NHK Publishing Co., Ltd.,) which introduce masterpieces to general audiences and “COURRiER Japon,” (Kodansha Ltd.,) which is popular among business people for featuring current news around the globe, won the special award.

The BEST MAGAZINE AWARD has been presenting awards since 2011. The AWARD aims to increase the sales of magazines and revitalize publishing business by informing publishers’ communicability, judgment and content creativity to society. Professionals such as employees of publishing companies and workers in book stores select and present the awards to magazines which have demonstrated its powers.