point.inc managed brand “JEANASIS” collaborates with manga artist Erica Sakurazawa to release four original stories of “Kanojo no bai (translation: In Her Case)” from March 23rd (Sat.) on the specially established website.

Illustrated heroines stylishly dressed in JEANASIS SS items make appearances in the stories. Set to reflect JEANASIS generation lifestyles and sentiment, the story unfolds and cheers the hearts of readers. From the second story onwards, the stories are scheduled to be released every Friday.

Erica Sakurazawa gained popularity with her story “Makin’ Happy” serialized in women’s manga magazine “FEEL YOUNG” from 1991 to 1993. She continues to receive favorable reviews for her fashion and lifestyle also presented in her comic essay series “Zeitaku na osan (translation: Luxurious Childbirth)” and “Kyou mo otenki (translation: Another Fine Day)” illustrative of her childbirth and parenting.