On Mar. 15th, Ne-net (designer Kazuaki Takashima) presented its 2013-14 AW Collection at Laforet Museum Harajuku. The show being the 17th, was themed as “animal.”

The show begins with the deep guitar sound of DJ Shadow’s “Border Crossing.” The first look featured a racing jacket in leopard print on jacquard combined with jodhpurs and smooth leather color combination shoes in leopard print and black. The show continued with more animal prints and knits, raised fabrics, raccoon scarf, lion beret and other items expressing the animal theme.

As the BGM becomes pop, earthy colors of beige and brown turn into pastels and neon colors such as pale pink and vivid yellow. A cardigan in the color of Peter Pan, parka with chiffon wing-like designs attached, neon yellow leg warmers covering even the shoes imaged after bird’s feet, platypus inspired booties, penguin bag and other cute items appear.

During the finale, the song “Rhymin & Stealin” by the Beastie Boys is played. Mountain parkas and straight pants illustrated with seal prints by artist Machiko Miroco appear followed by the final look featuring pure white floss silk resembling fur, which the designer Takahashi found in Kouyaguchi, Wakayama.

After the show, Takahashi comments, “In this show I just straightforwardly expressed kawaii as opposed to my past shows which had a tendency to be conceptual. I placed natural plywood on the runway and appointed fresh models in their teens who were new to collection shows in order to express the designs as they are.”