On the 4th floor, Center Park Stage 4 of Isetan Shinjuku, a limited time shop for THE FINGGY (multi skin care lotion for face and body) is open until Mar. 26th.

THE FINGGY was manufactured by Reijiro Ishii, who is a dermatologist and has served as a consultant for several major cosmetics companies. Using his long-term clinical experience, he created yeast fermented liquid by blending Nakamura Bacteria with Otowa no Mizu from Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto.

Ishii has kept THE FINGGY, the so called “the Ishiis secret water” in the fridge at his home as a cure-all for skin troubles. The ferment mask (used to be called the FINGGY pack,) only prescribed at Ishii Clinic was so popular that customers had to wait in a line to buy it. However, THE FINGGY (200 ml / 4,200 yen,) which is possible to preserve at room temperature, is to be sold without prescription.

THE FINGGY, which contains the yeast fermented liquid FINGGY as the chief ingredient, is mixed in elements such as methyl salicylic acid and peppermint oil. Giving cool and fresh texture and having an unique scent of yeast, THE FINGGY solves skin troubles by reducing the damages from acnes, skin irritation and aging and makes skin healthier.

Seiko Ishii, who is the CEO / product producer of FINGGY INC. and daughter of Ishii, will participate in talk events with beauty journalist Mayumi Kurata under the theme, “Fashion and Beauty.” The talk events are planned to be held at 2 pm and 4 pm on Mar. 22nd.