Owning a store in Meguro and holding photo sessions, exhibits and events, EASE (3-1, Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) holds EASE CREATOR’S MARKET on Mar. 31st.

This is a new-style market event where stylists, artists, and creators from various brands sell unique and cherished items using furniture and tools owned by EASE at the space. Over 30 brands will present their items from fashion to food. Stylists Kyoko Kikuchi and Fumie Takahashi, accessory creators nap and Tatsuo Nagahata, apparel shops GANGLION and Design Complicity, vegetable store Bio Marche and book store BOOK TRUCK will participate in the event.

EASE is a group which supports various projects using its space. Making use of its furniture, EASE produces presentations and events, from exhibits to photo sessions.