Artist, Kazuhito Sahara is holding an exhibit titled, “Meniha Sayakani Mienedomo” (Though Invisible to the Eyes) at “GALLERY SPEAK FOR” in Daikanyama, Tokyo from March 29th.

The exhibit is titled after a poem in Kokin Wakashu, which is an anthology of waka poems dating back to early 10th century. Sahara explains, “Something that cannot be seen with the eyes; for example, scent and taste, sound and the touch, even the heart and conscience. I feel like I am translating the invisible onto visible paintings with my brush.” The exhibit introduces for the first time, undisclosed works inspired by scent. The “Motion Painting” series, intermediately situated between painting and video works, is also displayed in Japan for the first time. Twenty-five works will be on display and sales, as well as the new collection catalog prepared in line with the exhibit. Sahara is giving a gallery talk on the 29th.

Sahara’s paintings and video works capture beauty that are overlooked in our everyday lives onto washi (traditional paper) and cotton with water-soluble materials such as watercolors and acrylic paint. Sahara frequents a Japanese painting technique called “tarashikomi” in which lines are blurred by dripping or brushing wet ink into colors. He has held a solo exhibit at “MUJI Cafe Shinjuku,” screened his video works at “LUMINE meets ART” held at LUMINE Yurakucho, and participated in a group exhibit in Sweden. Sahara actively collaborates with artists of different fields in and out of Japan.

【Event Information】
Kazuhito Sahara Meniha Sayakani Mienedomo
Address: SPEAK FOR 1st basement
28-2 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Time: 11:00 – 19:00
Closed: Thursdays