IN-PROCESS BY HALL OHARA (designers: Steven Hall and Yurika Ohara) presents its 2013-14 AW Collection Show on March 19th at BELLESALLE Shibuya Garden.

Under the concept of “juxtaposition (to join two unlinked objects),” the two designers coordinate various reminiscent attire to revive them as new designs.

The duo unites tailored jackets with cardigans and switches wool coats with knits at the hem, shoulders, as well as pockets. The audience watched the performance of models dressed in oversized knit cardigans frilled like skirts, sweats with blouses, and dresses made with mod coat fabric. Even the shoes combine diverse materials and colors in its design.

Tights and scarves printed with wildflowers and fruits, sweaters adorned with reindeer motif and animal patterned items produced a nostalgic atmosphere. A Victorian skirt with pannier concluded the show.

For the 7th season since the establishment of the brand, the duo shifted from the usual conceptually made style to produce relaxed clothes. “We wanted to advance the established brand style one step further in another direction,” say the two designers.