To commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birthday on Mar. 27th, photographer Shoji Ueda’s Exhibition “Shogen eno Manazashi” is open at TSUTAYA BOOKS, Daikanyama until Apr. 14th.

Shoji Ueda was born in Tottori prefecture in 1913 and graduated from the Oriental School of Photography in 1932. He was awarded L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, Chevalier (France) in 1996. He lived all his life in his homeland Tottori until his death in 2000, photographing sandy beaches and Tottori sand dunes near his house.

His most important work “Warabegoyomi,” collotype prints and others are on display. Also, the museum goods of Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography are available.

At the venue, more than 10 related books such as “Shoji Ueda’s photography and life by Kako” written by Kazuko Masutani, his daughter and model of Ueda’s photo collection “Meisaku Kazoku Shashin,” and out-of-print masterpieces “Warabegoyomi” and “Besutan shashincho / Shiroi Kaze,” “Sand dunes,” “Sand dunes / Seasons of the children,” “Oto no Nai Kioku,” “Izumo” and “Shoji Ueda and his friends” are on display and sale.

【Event Information】
Shoji Ueda special exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of birth
“Shogen eno Manazashi”
Date: Mar.19th (Tues.) to Apr. 14th (Sun.)
Venue: 1F Book Floor, TSUTAYA BOOKS no.2 building, Daikanyama