On Mar. 18th, araisara presented its 2013-14 Collection at Shibuya Hikarie. Leaving Paris Collection, the brand came back to Tokyo Collection after one year under the theme of “Evolution and Creation.”

The show featured strong and energetic women with live Vltava from Ma Vlast, symphonic poems composed by Smetana and performed by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra as BGM.

The brand experiments fusing Japanese traditional technique and modern technology, such as hand printing & ink jet printing and Kyo-Yuzen processed painting & western garment. The casually put low-tone color accentuates the collars, sides and innerwear of the mannish jacket which is one of the signature designs for this season.

Ambivalent elements are put together in the asymmetrical sides of a jacket and the back of a skintight black dress. Vivid prints are used for jackets as if to anticipate that something new would be born. Collage of different patterns and materials is the brand’s strongest point. Flower prints were drawn by Kyo-Yuzen artisans imaging cosmos flowers in Japanese-style paintings.

“We created the designs before we decided to participate in Tokyo Collection. Even if we had continued to participate in Paris Collection, we would have presented the same designs. We want more people from around the world to see Tokyo Collection. I don't know how long it will take to achieve this but I finally found my lifework,” Arai said after the show.