To celebrate KABUKIZA reopening on Apr. 2nd, a large-scale parade by Kabuki actors, Ginza Hanamichi, which started in the Meiji period, will be held on Ginza Chuo-dori on Mar.27th.

The ceremony starting off with greetings by the head of Chuo-ward and the president of Japan Actors’ Association, will be followed by a parade of approximately 60 Kabuki actors such as Tokizo Nakamura, Shibajaku Nakamura, Fukusuke Nakamura, Kanjaku Nakamura, Senjaku Nakamura, Hashinosuke Nakamura, Somegoro Ichikawa, Shoroku Onoe, Ennosuke Ichikawa, Kikunosuke Onoe, Ebizo Ichikawa, Ainosuke Kataoka, Shido Nakamura, Kankuro Nakamura, Shichinosuke Nakamura all wearing Montsuki Hakama (formal Japanese attire for men, consisting of a kimono dyed with the family crest and long, loose pleated skirt.) The 400-meter parade starts from Ginza-dori guchi and ends at the Ginza 4-chome intersection, scheduled from 10 am to 11 am (planned, will be held in light rain but canceled if stormy weather).

In addition to the parade, limited events are to be held at many places in Ginza. Until Apr. 14th, Kabuki curtains and flags with the logo GINZA KABUKIZA decorate Harumi-dori, Chuo-dori and Sony-dori, which lead to KABUKIZA. In the evening from 6 pm to 8 pm, the exterior of KABUKIZA is illuminated with lights.

At Sony Building located at the intersection of 5-chome, Ginza, a part of a Kabuki play can be viewed with Sony 4K Screen (Compared to full high definition TV with 2.1 million pixels, it has more than 4-fold pixels packed into its screen.) Also, an exhibition “The World of Kabuki Experienced in Sony 4K” will be held featuring Kabuki costumes and gadgets actually used in plays from Mar. 25th to Apr. 14th.

On the 9th floor Terrace Court of Ginza Mitsukoshi, a special opening project ”Ginza KABUKIZA” exhibition will be held from Mar. 27th to Apr. 2nd, introducing some traditions passed down since the Meiji period including the stage and design.