DRESSCAMP (designer Toshikazu Iwaya) presented 2013-14 AW Collection Show for the second consecutive season on March 20th at Shibuya Hikarie.

Under the theme “JUNGLE COLLAGE,” Iwaya mingles flowers and animals on camouflage pattern for down jackets and safari jackets. Blousons and pants covered in leaf-shaped cloth emerge. Leopard prints prowl mainly in the middle part of the show. Iwaya suggests various looks such as designs with black and white contrast to give a vivid impression and low-tone colored chic taste.

Throughout the show, designs in military style such as emblems and epaulets, box silhouette blousons and ponchos as well as glitter on inner wear and pants, gold zippers accentuated the show.

Jeans were collaborated with “Lee.” Jersey wear and shoes were collaborated with Italian sports brand “lotto” for two consecutive years. Women’s high heels have sporty looks incorporating sneaker details.

For the finale, Iwaya amply displays his aesthetic sense of color and couture technique Fantastic women’s looks full of frills, corsages and fur along with feathers, sweats mixed with street look and luxury dresses with frills like rose petals dyed in gradation and print of fully blossomed roses appear. A snow white blizzard of flower petals danced in the wind to close the show.