Designer Kunihiko Morinaga for “Anrealage” presented 2013-14 A/W Collection on March 19.

Under the theme “Color,” the show starts with flower prints, stripes, and patchwork resembled checkered patterns printed on jackets and coats. Gradually parts of dots, flowers, houndstooth check, camouflage, and more patterns appear streaked in cyan and yellow. Skirts gradually introduce colors by adding more colors little by little to their lower half.

In the latter half of the show, models dressed in snow white garments with flowers at the bosom in red, green and blue which stand for the three primary colors of light appear on the stage. Showered with light on the turn table, the garments begin to turn green or purple.

The garments are made from dyes and threads which contain chemical compounds called photochromic. Its molecular structure changes in response to sunlight. Photochromic is used in UV checkers and sunglasses. The colors of the garments change, once showered with UV rays outdoors, however, the colors return to white under fluorescent light indoors.

After the show, Morinaga reflects, “Although some designers went as far as deforming the shapes of designs, no designer has destroyed colors. I wondered if I could express the moment of the 1980’s ‘Japan Black’ and ‘Martin Margiela White’ change color. I kept the forms and materials simple, but I tried something new by changing colors”