Jenny Fax (designer Shueh Jen-Fang) presented the 2013-14 AW Collection in the form of an installation on March 20th at bellesalle SHIBUYA GARDEN.

Under the theme “i want to believe,” the shutter was raised to show a scene installed with a bathtub. Inside the bathtub, a model silently eats pasta and the show begins.

Inspired by “GUMMO” (1997, USA), Shueh takes after the film for this show. Situated in a desolate village affected by a severe economic downturn in the state of Ohio, USA, this film piece portrays distressed teenagers who adapt to daily life in the shattered community.

A mixed coordination of a nurse’s uniform with blanket coat, vintage style T-shirt combined with shorts and oversized coat, in addition to boa jacket on boa dress appear to express the fragility of teenagers.

Shueh describes, “What looms before us is a distraught community. Although prospects for the future have been lost, residents try to live on. If one releases hope, despair also disappears.” Her show characterizes the ordinary lifecycle of teenagers who go about day to day.

Suddenly, an UFO together with a smoking alien descends on stage. The show ends with models gazing in unison at the ray of light beamed from the UFO.

“The alien may have come to the earth just to kill time, but it brings the last ray of hope for people who live in the desolate village,” adds Shueh.