“JohnUNDERCOVER” and “SueUNDERCOVER” the two new lines from UNDERCOVER will debut from 2013-14 AW season. Items from both lines were introduced at the exhibition held for 2013-14 AW.

The brand names were chosen by designer Jun Takahashi based on his images of the representative male and female names. Unlike the main brand UNDERCOVER, the direction of the two brands will not be handled by Takahashi on his own, and members of the company will contribute to designs. Prices are around 20,000 yen for cut and sews and 6,000 for logo T-shirts and items from the new lines are planned to be in stores from August.

The main line-up for men’s are cut and sews, sweaters, coats, leather pants and hair bands made from knits. The women’s line will feature mainly tops along with collaboration pumps with Castaner and slip-ons adorned with fur on the inside.