Tabio Corporation, a company that handles the manufacturing and sales of socks launches a new label named “TabioARTS.” The new label will line up socks designed by artists from various genres.

“TabioARTS” will welcome artists who like socks and fashion as designers to create art socks. The socks themselves become canvases to be illustrated with graphics, photos, illustrations and other creations by the designer.

The first line-up will be handled by actor Tadanobu Asano under his design concept “Punk styles starting with the feet! I designed socks that color the whole city in punk colors.” The socks (sizes 25 to 27cm, 2,940 yen each) will be available in limited numbers on the Tabio online store and ZOZOTOWN.

Tabio socks are made in Japan and comfortable to wear. The company operates stores under the names “Kutsushitaya,” “Tabio HOMME,” “chaussettes” and others with 282 stores in Japan. In Paris and London, the stores operate under the name “Tabio.”