visvim launches its women’s line “WMV” starting this AW season.

The line was launched by designer Hiroki Nakamura under the concept “long lasting designs that are not superficial but appeal from the inside to propose new lifestyles.” Nakamura seeks to overcome the challenge of women’s fashion scene, which he felt is more quickly changing than men’s as trends moves on.

Approximately 50 styles are brought up to this AW season. In line with the seasonal concept of the men’s line such as Inuit or military jackets and vests, more feminine styles such as stoles or dresses made of their exclusive fabrics that some textile manufacturers such as Faliero Sarti supplied are also added to the collection.

“We tried to express the warmth of hand-made, which cannot be achieved in mass-production”, comments Nakamura. In Ready-To-Wears, there is a lot of vintage-like expression: using the original damaged moleskin composed of uneven yarns, and indigo hank dyed fabrics adorned with handmade quilt and linen woven to a herringbone to give an uneven color gradation.

Sneakers are inspired from the Goodyear Welting process, inserting corks on the foot-bed under the insole-to realize more comfort. Outsoles are replaceable for this style so that the shoes will last for a long time.

Original bags designed with Italian leather, accessories and hats are also lined up. There is also a hand-made necklace to this accessories line that Nakamura himself randomly assorted with some vintage Venetian glasses, which were used as a currency for commerce from the 16th to 19th century.