Sculptor/artist Motohiko Odani creates a series of artworks inspired by the “GOD SAVE McQUEEN” scarf collection symbolic to the brand Alexander McQueen. The artworks are exhibited at the brand’s newly opened and first accessories store in Roppongi Hills until Apr. 21st.

“The collaboration began when I received a phone call from the McQueen maison. I saw their scarf collection and the ‘GOD SAVE McQUEEN’ collection left the biggest impression on me. The collection, which uses the same title as a song by the Sex Pistols, inspired me to create works around the theme of the Shroud of Turin that was wrapped around the body of Jesus Christ after his death,” explains Odani.

Regarding the brand, Odani comments, “I love the biological forms and colors incorporated in the designs. When the clothes are worn, its sharp silhouettes stand out along with the destructive elements that are cleverly set into the designs. I feel a strong sense of English culture, history and system which is also one of its charms. I see similarities between the brand and I in terms of where we are heading or aiming for so it would be nice if we were able to work even more closely together next time.”

Odani was born in 1972 in Kyoto. After studying sculpture at the Tokyo National University of Art and Music, he works as a sculptor/artist in Japan and overseas. He participated at the Venice Biennale in 2003 as one of the Japanese representatives. He is known for solo exhibits such as “Hollow” held at Maison Hermes in 2009 and “PHANTOM LIMB” held at Mori Art Museum in 2010.