A new project named “THEATRE,yours” was launched last August by fashion brand “THEATRE PRODUCTS” to introduce new approaches to designing clothes by focusing on patterns, fabrics, methods of designing and prints.

At TOKYO Kaihouku of Isetan Shinjuku, a special event featuring modern styling by designer Akira Takeuchi using patterns appearing in the supplements of VOGUE issues from the 1950s to 60s will be held. The patterns, fabrics and ready-made clothes will also be on sale at the event which will be held until Apr. 23rd. We interviewed Mr. Akira Takeuchi and producer Ms. Kaori Kanamori, who both visited the event on the opening day.

- What promoted you to start “THEATRE,yours?”

We began the project last August to propose alternate options to purchasing ready-made clothes to discover new ways of enjoying fashion. We held workshops and exhibits in Osaka and Shibuya, Tokyo to sell fabrics and patterns to create clothes.

- What are the contents of this special project?

Patterns that were ordered from overseas include LANVIN pull over, VALENTINO dress and VOGUE original blouse. Basing the designs on these patterns, we added balance and details to create fresh looks to meet our current sentiments. With alterations made to the patterns to incorporate elements characteristic to THEATRE PRODUCTS, we created a pull over with collar, blouse and dress. We keep the base structure but will arrange to create a pullover from a dress pattern and print scanned patterns as a final touch.

Similar to the last workshop, we received cooperation from Toyoshima Business System Co.,Ltd. to use computers where one could select designs of their choice to create their own order made patterns. The event space lines up items from the 2013 SS THEATRE PRODUCTS Collection based on the concept of THEATRE,yours.

- Why did you decide to focus on patterns featured as supplements in old issues of VOGUE?

High end brands collaborated with VOGUE to create patterns back then. A few decades ago, patterns were sold in the same way that ready-made clothes were and this system fascinated me. I thought it would be a great opportunity for people to understand the process of structuring clothes using patterns. Projects involving vintage patterns are just as exciting and interesting for us designers as well.

- THEATRE PRODUCTS celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and you welcomed a new designer Miwa Fujiwara to replace your former partner this year. What are the impacts?
We want to change the image of the brand in line with welcoming our new designer without losing the positive qualities of THEATRE PRODUCTS up until now. We want to continue to create clothes that our female customers find cute and wearable.

- What future prospects do you have for the brand?

Our core business comes from our directly operated stores. We have 5 company stores and 20 stores which we sell our designs to. We currently line up our products to limited areas so in the next 10 years we want to expand our coverage so that more people will come to know our brand.

Our company needs to develop more in order for more people to come in touch with our brand. We want to implement a strategy that allows for both our people and the organization to grow and develop.

Workshops to create original textiles using a computer are held on the weekends, Apr. 13th and 14th as well as 20th and 21st. Cutting and sewing the original printed textiles along the lines on the patterns allows one to design their own pullover, skirt or dress.