Delfina Delettrez, a jewelry designer from Rome, Italy aspired to be an actress whilst majoring in costume design. She also studied psychology and found that she felt at unease when acting on stage. DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA (DSM) features her jewelry collection in the form of an installation in commemoration of the store’s 1 year anniversary. In the interview, we ask Ms. Delettrez about her art-like conceptual designs and the fun of wearing jewelry.

- Could you please introduce your collection to your Japanese fans?

I have a name for each collection and a name for each item in the collections. This is because all my designs have a concept. I am very happy to have this opportunity to express the world of the brand in the form of an installation. Most people think of precious metals, gems or wealth when it comes to jewelry but I want my designs to be enjoyed by many women with more ease.

- What aspects do you pay attention to when making your designs?

I think about the contrast of materials and colors and fusing micro elements with macro. I want my designs to be stimulating to those that wear them and also have a humorous side which I think is important.

Women are busy right? My designs are easy to carry. For example a design can be used as a belt for work and then in the evening, worn as a necklace.

- Your collections vary and are unique each time yet they are consistent.

I don’t own a large studio or anything. I just practice trial and error with the craftsmen that I work with to create each piece by hand. Take the frog ring for example. Each is slightly different in color and shape.

- I feel that the works that are created with such special care are just as precious as expensive metal jewelry.

Choosing jewelry is a different experience to choosing clothing. I feel that in jewelry, a person’s character is enclosed in each of the small parts and when the person wears it, it expresses that person’s entire personality.

- What is the inspiration behind your unique designs?

That is the hardest question to answer (laugh). I guess the Delfina touch? Since I do not mass produce, each design that I make becomes inevitably unique. Each design is based on the atmosphere and needs of the current era, the things that are influencing me at that moment and from life in general.

- What are your interests?

For example the eyeball ring. People tell me that it seems to be influenced by surrealism but I find this pearl ring (pointing at the ring on her finger) to be much more surreal. The pearls seem to be floating in space and transferring from a large space into a small one. Their shapes are the universe itself and conceptual, which is what attracts me.

Jewelry is the best means to express one’s sentiments at the moment so sometimes I like to change my jewelry at the same time that I redo my makeup (laugh).

- One of the pieces exhibited includes a concentric circle motif to create a piece which spreads out like the solar system. I must say that this piece is brilliant.

I strive to cleverly mix delicacy with playful spirits. Perhaps this is like a game to me. Something that is placed two dimensionally becomes three dimensional the moment someone wears it. This kind of piece arouses people’s curiosity and stands out once worn.

- You aspired to be an actress in the past?

I studied acting and costume design in the world of movies. I also studied psychology. I found out early on that acting on stage wasn’t for me. The reason for starting to design jewelry was a personal one. I hated jewelry and never wore them so I wanted to try to design something that I might want to wear. Jewelry does not get consumed like clothing, so I don’t have to drive myself to create new ones and I am not worn out for that.

I also wanted to find out the reason why I didn’t want to put on jewelry. The process of creating jewelry is very detailed and delicate and I felt that I could understand myself a little better from the process. The jewelry that I design is clean but is incorporated with very strong messages.

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