Simone Rocha is from Ireland. Her father John Rocha was also a fashion designer and she participated and debuted at the 2011-12 AW London Fashion Week Fashion East soon after graduating from Saint Martins. Having also collaborated with Topshop and others, she is a young designer with a strong career. She presents her 2013 SS Collection in the form of an installation at DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA (DSM).

- Please tell us about the installation which you also designed.

Similar to the one in London, I decorated the space with hydrangeas, mimosas, eucalyptus and other flowers. I wanted to express the beautiful image of flowers blooming in a field. The scent of the flowers is very calming and peaceful.

- Please tell us about your 2013 SS Collection.

I have lined up items made from lace decorated with daisy motifs. I used very delicate and luxurious fabrics, which you will see right away when you hold the items in your hand. You will feel special when wearing the designs and they are also comfortable.

- What is the concept for this season?

The collection is nostalgic, expressing the naivety and liberty that we all possess as teenagers. Cotton used in the designs is intentionally left unprocessed to create a feeling of innocence. I used faded coloring as well. The colors selected express purity, cleanliness, freshness and energy but do not overstate any of the elements. I used neon colors as accents to be combined with pure elements to convey “youth.”

- Mixed styles such as the combination of hard materials with feminine styles are seen this season as well.

If a skirt is in a feminine style, then I tailor the jacket in a box style. Balance is important and this concept is seen in my styling. I add strained feeling to the designs themselves and my styling. With materials, I try to mix vintage ones with new ones to create new things.

Creating plastic embroidery was particularly a challenge for me this season. We had to develop the plastic so that it could be folded or used for sewing like other fabrics. The development was difficult but we managed to create a revolutionary material. The material is firm and does not wrinkle easily and the person who wears it will feel special.

- Do your design styles take influence from your father John?

I do think that my aspiration to work in a creative field such as in design or the arts came from the environment which I grew up in. I chose fashion because while I was studying different forms of expression at an art school, I felt that fashion was the best media for me. I wanted to create fun designs that each have a story and have people wear them so that my ideas would be embodied.

- How many times have you visited Japan?

I visited when I was 16 and last year when DSM opened so this is my third visit. I was excited with everything on my first visit. There were many types of people wearing different types of fashion. The people seemed open to fashion and not tied down to just one style. The country also has traditional wear such as kimono and Japan is full of inspiration for me.

- Are there any Japanese designers that interest you?

I am inspired by COMME des GARÇONS and UNDERCOVER. When I was at school, Japanese designers were receiving lots of attention from the world and I still get lots of influence from such designers. So I am very happy to be able to work here.