Hi! My name is Niky Roehreke and this is the beginning of my first blog ever.

I am currently writing from a laundromat in New York.

In Japan, it is common to have a washing machine at home but in New York, it is still rare, which means I have no other choice then to go to a laundromat every now and then.

It can be a pain to go when I'm on a deadline, but like today, it can sometimes be a good place to think, write in my journal or it can also be a nice break when I'm stuck with a project I'm working on.
Sometimes, I bump into a friend which makes waiting fun or I also enjoy looking at random people in the laundromat. Since I grew up in Tokyo where the washing machine in your home will probably never get the chance to wash all sorts of things from all sorts of people, it sometimes makes me feel a little weird about the fact that I share the same washing machine with a diverse range of strangers.

Anyway, what I want to say with this first blog post is that living in New York, my eyes, hands, heart and brain are always very busy regardless of where I am or what I am doing. I hope I get to introduce other chapters of my life in New York be it about things, people or the artworks I'm working on. Please stay tuned!

Niky Roehreke

Niky is a German/Japanese illustrator/artist born in Tokyo who graduated from the Graphic Design course at Central Saint Martins in London and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.
Niky's work is hand-made and 'hands' are a recurring motif in her work.

Especially in this current digital world, where there are so many new ways to communicate, Niky thinks that hands remain a powerful and honest way to communicate.

She has created illustrations for clients such as NYLON, Jalouse, Tokion, SOEN, Stones Throw Records, Mercedes-Benz mixed tape, Towa Tei, Osawa Shinichi, clothing brands such as John Lawrence Sullivan, Converse, Insight, Urban Outfitters amongst others.

Her daily routine include drawing, doodling, painting, cutting out pieces of paper and uploading one image per day onto her website www.nikyniky.com.