Massimo Alba, designer of “Massimo Alba” visits Japan. CORONET CORPORATION, which handles the distribution in Japan for this brand hosted a presentation of Massimo Alba’s SS Collection at a members only restaurant in Meguro, Tokyo. Shortly after the presentation, Mr. Alba headed for Kyoto to enjoy the season of cherry blossoms.

Massimo Alba was born in 1960 in Treviso, Italy. After serving as creative director at “malo,” “AGNONA” and “BALLANTYNE CASHMERE,” he started his own brand in 2006. The brand consists of a men’s, women’s and children’s collection.

Made from the finest materials in an atelier situated in Milan by skilled craftsmen, the collection is graceful but not flashy. Both relaxed and exclusive styles are present and buyers from around the world keep an eye on this brand. We asked Mr. Alba about the latest SS Collection and the brand.

- This season’s collection is full of fresh spring/summer-like elements.

Spring like colors such as neon yellow, lime green and orange were featured for the women’s line. Monochrome or striped linen knits, linen herringbone short jackets which made use of the color of materials are my favorite ones and the same items for men were also introduced. In addition to such men’s items, piece-dyed jackets using cotton linen Panama fabric feature high-quality materials whose wrinkles can also be a charm. Washed feel and pale colors were used for pure cashmere. The jacquard processed V neck knits have surprisingly soft and pleasant touch. As a whole, we created a light, colorful and sexy collection.

- The elegant and high quality styles are also popular in Japan.

Our brand concept is “luxury that cannot be seen with the eyes.” Our designs are comfortable to wear and each person can bring out their personalities by wearing them. The clothes are elegant but not gaudy.

- Your brand is famous for using cashmere in many of your designs. How do your designs differ from other brands?

If you wear one of our designs and feel it brush against your skin, you will know the difference instantly. There are so many cashmere items around us, but we use special technique to twist cashmere wool using yarn half as thin as the usual one to draw out the texture of the light and precious material. I believe that refined customers in Tokyo will tell ours apart from others.

- What kind of store do you plan to open in Japan based on your various experiences as designer and your communication with customers at showrooms and stores?

I am looking for a store resembling a Japanese style house, similar to the one where the event was held this time. I want the store to be able to portray the brand concept clearly. I want a terrace and I want to surround the store with lots of plants. Ideally I would like to create a secret garden in Milan style.

- I hear this is your 10th visit to Japan, what are your thoughts on Japanese fashion?

Women in Tokyo are unchangingly stylish. It’s not just about fashion but each person seems to have her own style. Tokyo is a full-grown market and people are good at incorporating our collection into their styling.