Toray Industries, Inc. announced on the 15th that a new brand named “ecodear” handling polymer materials and products derived from biomass will be launched globally from this year.

The company has been marketing the product named “Ecodear” starting with the capital “E,” which is made from polylactic acid. The new brand “ecodear” covers a wider range and this name will be applied to all materials and products made from polymer derived from biomass.

With the launch of this global brand, Toray seeks to be a market leader in providing environmentally friendly solutions for companies using fibers, resin and films.

Recently Toray has reinforced its research on biomass derived materials. In 2009, it experimentally manufactured the “bio-nylon” and in 2011, the “PET fiber fully derived from biomass raw materials.” The drying up of fossil resources and the increase in energy consumption globally is an issue that needs to be tackled on a global scale. Toray takes on this challenge head-on by producing various polymer products from recyclable biomass raw materials.

“ecodear” will cover fibers (raw threads, raw cotton and textiles), resin and films, which parallel with Toray business. Materials will include bio based PET, bio based nylon, 3GT (fiber) and polylactic acid. The brand will introduce its products at exhibitions, ads, campaigns and through fiber material labels. Toray will further strengthen its position in the biomass derived polymer business through this new initiative.