The interactive animation dubbed “What a Loving and Beautiful World” by Sisyu and teamLab will be installed from Apr. 27th at a digital signage on the 4th floor departure lobby of Terminal 1 South Wing of Narita International Airport.

Out of the one hundred digital signage set up within the airport, the digital art piece is displayed on the largest concave organic EL panorama vision screen of “Sky Gate Vision.” The artwork will be aired 30 min per hour from 6 am to 10 pm.

The upper digital signage screen senses the movement of people and when someone approaches the artwork, calligraphy (kanji) written by Sisyu appears and floats on screen. When one approaches the floating kanji, the kanji changes shape to become a concrete image of the meaning.

This piece was first introduced in 2011 and was awarded the “ReVolution 2012 Architecture/Art/Culture Award” of the virtual reality expo in France named “Laval Virtual.” The piece is highly acclaimed overseas and has been shown in countries such as Singapore, Switzerland and Sweden.