agnès b. collects ideas for package designs for condoms via Facebook as part of its project “GIVE LOVE” starting from the 22nd.

Participants can design packages using photos or images using a Facebook app. 10 works will be selected for package design, of which 5 will be selected by the designer agnès b. and the other 5 based on the top 5 number of likes on Facebook. The project is open to participants until May 31st and the condoms will be distributed at some agnès b. boutiques this Dec. 1st on World AIDS Day.

agnès b. has been distributing condoms free of charge annually since 1993. Each year, the brand distributes around 60,000 condoms through its worldwide boutiques. In the past, movie director Gaspar Noé, artist Mike Rush, JonOne and Horaires have participated in the package designs. From Japan, Yayoi Kusama, Lily Franky and UA have participated.