digital fashion ltd., which has handled research & development for the latest digital fashion technology and production of contents for over 10 years, participates in KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL “THE lab.- Make the world’s No.1 lab together” at Grand Front Osaka opened on April 26th and is receiving a lot of attention.

Cooperating with numerous brands and retail stores, this showroom, which aims to serve as the headquarters of research & development for the latest digital fashion technology in the world, features virtual fitting to allow one to try on different items, in addition to a measuring device using a 3D body scanner, enabling 3D measurements. Also, the company plans to take orders on demand using the pattern data of clothes using the software “Dressing Sim LSX.”

Dressing Sim LSX is software which enables “Fashion On Demand”, speedily creating clothing to fit each individual. The first step in the process is measuring the target’s body with the 3D scanner, followed by the designing of clothing using 3D clothes-producing software, creation of the patterns through use of apparel CAD and finally the actual production of the clothes (printing and cutting).

At the showroom, visitors can experience the 3D scanner, which only takes 2 seconds to complete. The individual’s virtual figure is displayed on screen, walking and wearing outfits, picking up movement and expression capable of reflecting even a full 360-degree turn, in a tablet using the “DFR” software. Also, it is possible to change the color, sizes and locations of patterns and background on the screen.

President of digital fashion ltd. Shuji Morita is also chairman of the Digital Fashion Creator Association. While developing digital technology, he also focuses on Japanese manufacturing. This showroom aims to connect virtual coordination with the existent online fashion e-commerce movement, and make the showroom as venue for WEB promotion. The company is currently recruiting apparel makers and distribution companies that are interested in taking part in this project.

Also, the company wants the showroom to serve as a place to train specialists who are able to handle such latest technology, and so plans to hold seminars within KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL.